Accident & Injury Insurance Plans

Get cash after you get hurt.

We offer supplemental accident and injury insurance plans that reimburse you after you get hurt.

For example, hurt your back in the gym and want to see a chiropractor? No problem! Submit your claim and we'll help you get money in a fast and easy process.

Things to know:

  • Plans start at $30 / mo

  • Plan prices never change

  • No contracts, all plans are month to month

  • Monthly auto debit

  • Can use a plan to see any licensed physician anywhere in the world

  • No primary medical insurance required

  • Can be reimbursed benefits directly to you or assign benefits to whomever you choose

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*Here’s some key benefits included in the accident & injury insurance plans we offer:


Physician visits


Surgery benefits


Hospital visits


MRI, CT Scan, CATS Scan & EEG benefits


Ambulance benefit


Physical Therapy benefits

*The dollar amount of benefits received depend on the plan you choose: get a quote, including specific benefit amounts, by using the form at the top of the page.


Accident & Injury Plan FAQs:

"So if I have this insurance, can I use it to see any licensed physician, like my acupuncturist, doctor, physical therapist, etc?"

Yes! The accident & injury plans are designed to reimburse you or pay your licensed physician directly when a claim is filed - any licensed physician, anywhere in the world.

"Is there a network of doctors I can see with one of these plans?"

Any accident & injury insurance plan won’t have any network restrictions. You can see any physician you like. Since the plan is owned by you, you decided where the benefit .

"Would an insurance plan like this replace my current health insurance plan?"

No, these plans are supplemental / accident & injury only insurance plans and don't act as primary health insurance.

"How do I sign up for a plan like this?"

By filling out the form at the top of the page! Once we have that, we call you back and finish the rest over the phone.

"How can I file a claim?"

There's a couple different ways. We can show you how to file claims directly with the insurance carriers yourself or we can help recommend companies that file claims for customers for very low rates.

"When can I cancel my accident & injury plan? Am I locked into a contract?"

There's no contracts, all plans are simply month to month. You can cancel any time.


Any questions before applying for an accident & injury plan?

Feel free to contact us any time, we love answering questions and helping our customers.