Group Insurance & Employee Benefits

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Health insurance and benefits for you and your employees.

We offer group health insurance and a comprehensive benefits plan to all businesses of all sizes.

Have a business with health insurance in place now? Perfect, we can help you save money on your existing plans right away.

Looking to offer health insurance for the first time? You've come to the right place.

Can't afford to offer group health insurance? That's fine too - offer your staff our benefits package - the staff can pay group rates for the plans and the company doesn't have to contribute a dime.

Some things to know:

  • All group health carriers offered: Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Kaiser, Sharp, United HealthCare, and many more.

  • With us, you can offer multiple group health carriers at once - if one employee wants Kaiser and one wants United HealthCare, no problem!

  • All benefits aside from group health are free for employers to offer - the staff can pay for these plans.

  • Benefits can be taken out tax deferred from staff paychecks.

  • Can offer benefits to full time, part time, 1099, W2, any type of paid staff.



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Here’s some highlights on offering Good Circle’s benefits package


Businesses save money on both taxes and workers comp. by offering staff benefits!


With our benefits package, you'll have the most expansive package possible.


You can pay for the benefits for the staff or have them pay for the plans themselves.


Advertising offering benefits is a great help to any business looking to get quality staff.


We can create custom health packages for each employee at no additional cost.


We have plans available from every major health insurance company.


You can offer each staff member the health insurance carrier of their choice.


We handle all paperwork and administration, saving you even more money.


Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefits FAQ

"So if one employee wants a Blue Cross plan and one wants Kaiser, that's okay?"

Absolutely! We believe that everyone's different and that means we all need different options. We show you how different options mean savings, too.

"What if my business can't offer health insurance?"

That's fine, all benefits aside from group health insurance, including accident / injury, dental, cancer and more,  are available to any staff, 1099, PT, FT, seasonal, W2, etc. You don't need to be able to offer group health insurance to offer benefits.

"Do employees have to fill out emailed applications?"

We don't believe your staff needs more work. We help with the applications when we sit and come up with the right health plan during our one to one enrollment time with each staff member.

"How long does each staff member enrollment meeting take?"

10 to 20 minutes, depending on the amount of questions answered. We get great feedback from staff of all different companies on our one to one question and answer benefits meetings.


"Can my staff get a hold of you for insurance questions or do they need to talk to HR?"

They can contact us any time at 949.528.6604 or email at We're always happy to help.

"What about dental, vision and disability?"

They're included in the Group Health Insurance option. Supplemental dental, vision and disability plans are included in the benefits offered to any company, regardless of group health insurance.



Any questions for us before getting a proposal for your business?

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