Chiropractors + Good Circle Insurance = Perfect Fit.

How our plans work with chiropractors (video series below):

  • Patient buys plan.

  • Patient gets hurt & receives your care.

  • Claim is filed & benefits are sent either to the patient or directly to your office.

We offer supplemental accident and injury insurance plans that reimburse patients after they get hurt and receive your care.

For example, if you had a gym-going patient sign up for the plan, then they went to the gym and got hurt, they could get your care and claim on any of our plan offerings.

Things to know:

  • Plans for patients start at $30 / mo.

  • You don’t “join any networks” or sign any contracts, you simply advertise the plan to patients and they sign up & pay on their own.

  • You can bill this plan along with your patient’s major medical insurance plan.

  • Plan prices never change once purchased.

  • No contracts for patients, all plans are month to month.

  • Monthly auto debit for patient.

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How Chiropractic Offices Work with Good Circle Insurance

Watch this easy 1-2-3 video series with our founder, Charlie Woodward!

1. We mail our marketing materials to your office and you give the handout cards to your patients.

2. Have us reach out your patients after giving them a handout card, we’ll follow up from there.

3. File a claim after the plan has been purchased, either the patient or office can file & receive pay.



Here’s what our customers have to say!



*Here’s some other benefits included in the Accident & Injury plans we offer to patients:


Physician visits


Surgery benefits


Hospital visits


MRI, CT Scan, CATS Scan & EEG benefits


Ambulance benefit


Physical Therapy benefits

*The dollar amount of benefits received depend on the plan your office chooses to advertise, call us to learn more.


Working with Good Circle FAQs

"So if my patient has one of these insurance plans, they get hurt, get our care, and a benefit is paid out, regardless of other insurance, networks, etc.?"

Yes! The accident & injury plans are designed to reimburse patients or pay you directly when a claim is filed. The same money is paid out, regardless of any other billing or insurance situation.

"Is there a network I have to join or a contract to sign?"

Any accident & injury insurance plan won’t have any network restrictions. Since the plan is owned by the patient, the patient can decide where the benefit goes.

"Would an insurance plan like this replace my patient’s current health insurance plan?"

No, these plans are supplemental / accident & injury only insurance plans and don't act as primary health insurance.

"How does my patient sign up for a plan like this?"

By them filling out the brief form at the top of our injury care page! Once we have that, we call them back and finish the rest over a 3 minute phone call.

"How can I file a claim on my patient’s behalf and receive the benefit money directly?"

It’s easy, we can show you how to file claims directly with the insurance carriers yourself or we can help recommend companies that file claims for customers for very low rates. Once you’ve done a couple claims, you’ll find they take little time.

"When can my patient cancel their accident & injury plan? Are they locked into a contract?"

There's no contracts, all plans are simply month to month. They can cancel at any time, but know that we make efforts to keep patients’ plans renewing.


Any questions before advertising our plans to your patients?

Feel free to contact us any time, we love answering questions and helping our chiropractors.