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We offer all types of individual insurance plans.

We believe that quality health insurance and health packages should be available to people outside of the workplace. We also believe that with the cost of health insurance today, people shouldn't have to pay extra for the use of agents like ourselves.

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Some things to know:

  • Our services don't cost a dime - the prices for the plans are the same if you bought them without us
  • We help file claims and communicate with insurance companies on your behalf
  • We help with renewals
  • We're trained to help you get the best value for your insurance needs

Plans offered:

  • Health insurance
  • Accident
  • Life
  • Dental
  • Disability
  • Cancer
  • Hospital confinement
  • Pet
  • And many more!

Here's our 3 health insurance options for open enrollment 2018-2019:


Covered CA


Traditional Plans


WellCare Package


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Quick and painless.

“Getting a health plan was incredibly quick and easy, they really help you understand what you get too.”

— Karen M.


“I don’t know much about insurance or shopping for insurance and that’s why I’m happy I use Good Circle.”

— Eric M.

Great support.

“Any time I have a question about my plan, I can call and get help right away. Thanks guys!”

— Jessica M.


Highlights on some of the plans offered


Get any health insurance plan without any extra cost for our services.


Get a disability plan outside of the workplace to protect your income.


Get reimbursed cash for an initial doctor visit after an injury with an accident plan.


Our cancer plan will pay money for chemotherapy and experimental care.

grandparents-2198053_1920 (1).jpg

We have a life insurance plan where you can use the death benefit while alive.


Our hospital confinement plan helps greatly reduce the cost of having a child.


We offer both supplemental and major dental plans from all the top companies.

old-dog-1582205_1920 (1).jpg

Keep your costs down with our expansive pet insurance plans when they need care.


Individual Plan FAQ's

"So I just fill that little form up top and you'll email me a proposal with many quotes and recommendations?"

Absolutely! We believe that in making insurance as easy as possible for our customers, while being customized and simple to understand as well.

"Can you send me quotes only for my preferred doctor or dentist?"

Of course! We believe you should be able to get healthcare from the people that you want. We'll check online databases to match your doctor to the plans quoted in your email.


"Do I need health insurance?"

Well, yes. For example, the average cost of a 3 day hospital visit is $30,000. Today, over 60% of bankruptcies are due to medical bills. Also, there is now a tax penalty in place for those that don’t have health insurance. In case something ever happens, you should be covered.

"What's the difference between a PPO plan and an HMO plan?"

The difference between the two is that with a PPO plan, you can see any physician you’d like and don’t need a referral from a primary care physician to see a specialist. With an HMO plan, you need to see physicians that are in network and need a referral from a primary care physician to see a specialist.


"Does using Good Circle for health insurance cost more money?"

Of course not! You won’t spend a single penny more on your health insurance if you use us or go directly to the carrier’s website and sign up yourself.

"What if I have more questions?"

Contact us any time! We're always happy to help.



Any questions for us before applying for a plan?

Feel free to contact us any time, we love answering questions and helping our customers.