We specialize in health & benefits for businesses.

  • Your business can offer many of top health insurance company's plans to your staff, not just one.
  • Already offer health insurance? Switching to us is easy! We'll show you how.
  • All staff are met with individually and given a recommended benefits package.
  • Fill out the form here and get your business started today!

Good Circle makes health insurance for my company easy. They meet with all employees and answer all questions they have. It really helps my HR out.
— Rick M.
My staff loves their benefits package. I didn’t think I could offer benefits without paying for it!
— Chris C.
Hiring people for my business is a lot easier when I can advertise that we offer benefits.
— Brian P.

Here's why your business should choose us.


1. easy admin

From meeting with staff and giving individualized recommendations, to helping with applications and more, we make this as easy as possible on your business and staff.

2. many options

No more choosing just one health company's plans, now you can offer many of the top company's plans to all staff. We also have a staff paid benefits package, which is no cost for the business to offer.

3. save money

We show you how to save on your bill every year. You'll be amazed what you can save when you have experts working for you. There's no extra cost to using us, too.

*Business can pay for one or more plans in Paid by Staff package for any staff member(s) or can let staff members pay.



So if one employee wants a Blue Cross plan and one wants Kaiser, that's okay?

Absolutely! We believe that everyone's different and that means we all need different options. We show you how different options mean savings, too.

In the Paid by Staff package, do staff have to buy all of those plans?

Staff can pick any or all of the supplemental plans if they wish. No cost for the business to offer and we handle the admin. The business can buy a plan or more for any staff member or members they'd like as well.

What if my business can't offer health insurance?

That's fine, the Paid by Staff Package is available to any staff, 1099, PT, FT, seasonal, W2, etc. You don't need to be able to offer health insurance to offer the Paid by Staff Package.

Do employees have to fill out emailed applications?

We don't believe your staff needs more work. We help with the applications when we sit and come up with the right health plan during our one to one enrollment time with each staff member.

How long does each staff member enrollment meeting take?

10 to 20 minutes, depending on the amount of questions answered. We get great feedback from staff of all different companies on our one to one question and answer benefits meetings.

Can my staff get a hold of you for insurance questions or do they need to talk to HR?

They can contact us any time at 949.528.6604 or email at info@goodcircleinsurance.com. We're always happy to help.

How much does my business have to pay to offer benefits?

Well it's $0 to offer the Paid by Staff Package and depends for Health insurance - request a health quote using the form above.

What about dental, vision and disability?

They're included in the Health Insurance option. Supplemental dental, vision and disability plans are included in the Paid by Staff package.

How do I get started or learn more?

Either on the phone with a team member at 949.528.6604 or by filling out the short form at the top of the page and we'll contact you as soon as possible. 

Have any questions? Feel free to contact us any time!